Welcome to the Augmented Gallery Walk!

This is the public website for GD203 History of Graphic Design, a distance education course offered through the Graphic & Industrial Design Department in the College of Design at NC State University.

The 100-or-so students enrolled in this course — who hail from a variety of majors such as Engineering, Physical Education, Social Science, Psychology and the Humanities (in addition to all the Design-related majors) — use this site to publicly showcase their research and analyses of design through assignments that require them to upload, tag, and write about all things related to Graphic Design. Rather than study history in a linear, chronological stream through time, we look at artifacts, ideas, events and people related to the major Graphic Design practices, including Print Design (Publications, Posters and Typography), Corporate Identity (Branding, Logo Design, Advertising), 3D Environments (Signage &  Wayfinding Design, Interior Branding), Screen-based Design (Motion Graphics, Film Titling, Human-Computer Interface Design) and Emerging Practices (User Experience Design, Service Design, Social Design). Additionally, we seek out Design-in-the-Wild as we find it in our everyday lives, and try to locate our discoveries within the wider context of the historical Graphic Design canon.

You can assemble your own site content by sifting through posts that have been tagged using a student-created ‘folksonomy’ — a system of word-tags that categorize site content with a taxonomy that the students developed over the course of the semester. We also host Design Gallery Walks based on themes we uncover as we study the various Graphic Design practices— so get comfortable, take a look around, and please come back often!