Nancy Skolos- “Type, Image, Message”

nancy skolos and thomas wedelle

Nancy Skolos is a graphic designer and a photographer that mainly works alongside her husband in creating posters that have been displayed in many different admirable Graphic Design Exhibitions, however, in 2006 she ventured out and created her very first book. 


This book “Typography, Image, Message” is Nancy Skolos’ first book. This book is a workshop in book form, it’s meant to teach the reader the skills they need to combine text and image seamlessly and help them create posters like the ones Skolos has made alongside her husband Thomas Wedelle. The cover and all the work found inside was done by the both of them to help visualize the skills they are teaching. 

The book cover uses their personal style and technique by combining 3d models, photography, and graphic design and editing. I think this book is so successful because it is unlike a lot of workshop/textbooks because it offers a visual representation of what you will learn to do on the front cover. 

I think that this was an important project of hers, if not the most important project I have seen of hers, because it combines and showcases all her skills and is in an accessible manner meant to teach newbies, and it is also her very first published book, which is a big accomplishment. I think this book showed through her passion for teaching that started after working at RISD. 


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