Nancy Skolos- 2017 Lyceum Poster

Nancy Skolos works almost entirely in print work. By using a combination of 3D physical sculptures, photography, and graphic design and editing, she creates beautiful posters that can be used in many different ways. In this piece she used her skills to create an advertisement poster for the Lyceum Competition. Nancy has been known to create a poster for this competition, as she has done it for the competition for years. 

The year this was created, the Lyceum competition was on creating a design for a small branch library on Audubon Terrace that was meant to be a “bridge between immediate local needs and broader public interests” The posters she creates usually have a lot to do with what the design contest is surrounding. This poster specifically used paper models to replicate the look of books that may be found in the new library. She used collage techniques in some of her iterations and tested different designs for the text seen. She played around with lighting and the photography of the paper models as well, playing around with the shadows created by the page flaps. 

I think this is an important project because it shows the skills that she is proud of, photography and typography and integrating them seamlessly. She also has shown continued interest and respect for the Lyceum Competition, as seen with over ten posters celebrating the yearly event, so I think this and the other posters are important to bring up when discussing this designer. 

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