Neo Era Romance 新世纪人类浪漫主义

One of my favorite and most recent projects designed by Qingyu Wu is her 2021 Album Design titled “Neo Era Romance 新世纪人类浪漫主义” for Modern Sky. This piece was designed for the musician Fu Han’s first album release. The project was a collaboration between Qingyu Wu, Fu Han, Sun Yi, and Frederic Kevorkian. The album design features a wide array of visual art forms, from 3d models to photography. The main character seen displayed throughout the piece is this sci-fi girl with a short orange bob haircut. The character is shown in various photographs as well as 3d renderings. The album design utilizes a color palette of vibrant orange, blue, dark purple, white, beige, and grey. The cover of the album mimics what seems to be a cd album that has been partially unwrapped, the plastic cellophane covering still wrapped tight over on edge of the piece. The use of unusual font, blurry photography, lighting, and space imagery creates a wonderfully unique atmosphere to this piece, and that feeling is seen throughout each different part. The theme of the album, “Neo-era Romance” is definitely seen throughout the piece, from the strange swooping of the English font, tied in with the Chinese characters and the color palette. Qingyu wu did an excellent job of creating a unique spacey feel to this piece that wonderfully matches the feeling of the music.