Wild Design-Holly Park

I saw this sign when I was out eating at CAVA the other day and I really just did not like it. It just seemed very immature in my opinion. First off, the sign is has nothing to do with the setting. This is a shopping center filled with food options, it doesn’t make sense that a sign that looks like its made for a childrens park be placed randomly in the middle. I understand they were probably trying to make the place more inviting for families but I feel like this could’ve been achieved in a more sophisticated manner, maybe instead they could’ve had one mural type sign that was more inviting and colorful.

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  • Channing Pruzan 04/26/2022 on 3:37 PM

    I would have to agree with you that this sign or whatever it is is not pleasing to my eyes either. It feels very out of place, and I am also confused by it. I feel it is way too disorganized and you are unable to tell what meaning it is actually meant to portray. What exactly are they outlines of people doing? I do also agree with you that maybe it was meant to convey a kind of family environment, but it is out of place. Maybe if had been in a park it would have made more sense. But as for a shopping center full of restaurants, this does not fit in there well at all. I also agree that had they added color it would have made it better, but I also think that it needs to be replaced with something more relating to what it is surrounded by; food.

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