Wild Design – April


While I was away at school, my Mom has been “revamping” the front porch of our home. When I came home the other day, I saw that she had added new house numbers beside our front door. We use to have our house numbers on a post in the front flower bed. The letters were basic, nothing special about them and they did not necessarily match the overall theme and design of our home. They were more traditional and our home is very modern. But, a very easy and relatively

 inexpensive way to upgrade our home outdoor appearance was to replace our existing house numbers with those that are considered a mid-century modern style. Many mid-century typefaces are clear and easy to read even from a distance. From a functional standpoint, that is great so visitors are able to visibly see the font when passing by our home. The font that my Mom chose is the Neutra/Neutraface typeface. It was developed by a company called House Industries in collaboration with Dion Neutra, son of Richard Neutra. The exterior definitely has a more retro, modern flavor than it did before.