Born To Be by Melanie

This album cover really caught my eye as I was rummaging through old records in an antique shop. I was drawn to the vibrant oranges, blue, and pink colors. These colors stand out against the thick black strokes of hair and finer details of the people. Having the artist’s name, “Melanie” in white, established a visual hierarchy of the text. The white contrasts the black and bright colors of the cover. The most interesting aspect of this design is how the guitar on the front of the cover continues to the back. I only noticed this detail after taking pictures of the album and seeing how well the sides matched up with each other in my camera roll!


Discussion — One Response

  • Taylor Hartis 04/19/2022 on 6:44 PM

    People often overlook the hidden treasures that can be found in antique stores and thrift & consignment stores. In your case, you came across a very cool album cover that you could use as an example for this class.

    I agree that the way the album cover is a full image wraparound is super cool! I think it is a very smart and simple way to design the cover. Essentially, it is a mullet but in album cover form. I have seen this type of wraparound design before on other covers. It seems to be a popular way to design covers so that all areas are covered in art or photos related to the musical artist or band.

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