Wild Design in Cameron Village

I took these pictures in Cameron Village. I think that this bridge is a great example of graphic design. I don’t think that it really serves any purpose outside of decoration. However, the bridge built around the tree really adds a nice appeal to the area. This bridge makes a good spot for customers to take pictures, and it adds to the aesthetic of the strip. I think whoever designed it found a nice way to add a pop to a plain bed of mulch. I also like that the bridge is painted white, because it helps to brighten the area.

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  • Lauren Sneed 04/15/2022 on 5:08 PM

    I agree this bridge adds a nice touch to the area. I also think that this bridge adds something especially unique in how it wraps around the tree. It lets you interact with the space in a way, which makes this bridge stand out. I suspect the bridge was constructed with the tree in mind.
    In my opinion, it wouldn’t feel quite as grounded in the environment without the tree. I think this project was actually rather clever, because if we consider the tree as part of the artwork then we also know that the artwork will change depending on the season. Over all, this addition to Cameron Village is a great way to make the area more interesting with something people can interact with!

  • Audrey Fields 04/15/2022 on 8:26 PM

    I really love this spot in Cameron Village and I think it gives another element to Cameron Village’s aesthetic. Even though Cameron Village does not have an unusual outdoor space overall, I think the bridge gives a different perspective to Cameron Village. Since this certain outdoor element is outside of Goodberry’s, I think it gives an exciting element to Goodberry’s itself!

  • Taylor Hartis 04/19/2022 on 7:02 PM

    I think adding the bridge to the landscaping adds a more realistic and whimsical feel. Cameron Village is in the middle of the capital of North Carolina, so you do not come across many areas that need an actual bridge for people to use to cross. The feature of this tiny bridge becomes the focal point for people to observe while shopping or walking around the Village District. Choosing white as the color was a smart decision since it is a compatible hue for landscapes.

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