Silence at the Disco

This is a poster I have seen around NCState campus advertising a Silent Disco in Talley. The warm colors used for this poster is the main reason it caught my eye. I like the way they laid out the information  (typography) on top of solid shapes to make it more visible. Also, the swirly background makes me think of fun which I feel is exactly what they were trying to portray. The only part of the poster I do not really prefer is the wolf wearing headphones. I like the concept, I just think the wolf looks a bit awkward because of not being able to see the wolf’s face or at least the silhouette of the face.

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  • Brionne Evans 04/14/2022 on 11:08 PM

    I agree with you. I think this poster looks really fun and does a great job portraying its message. I think the swirls in the background really gives the poster a disco feel, which helps to enhance the title.

  • Jordan Ramsey 04/15/2022 on 5:58 PM

    Hi, Kylee! I agree that the warm, bright colors are very inviting and the information being framed on top of solid shapes of color really help the viewer read it easier. I think the color palette and the spiral design in the back help draw reference to everyone’s classic idea of a 70’s disco. Especially the font inside the wolf logo, it really draws back to what we think of when we think of 70’s fonts. It helps capture what the poster is advertising. I do, however, think that it could be improved a little. I think they could have picked a better supportive type font for the information that goes nicer with the title font. Also, the black outlining of the lines ending abruptly when the circle starts seems a bit awkward.

  • Audrey Fields 04/15/2022 on 8:35 PM

    I really like the observations you made within this poster. I think warm colors capture the warmth environment of the event. I really like the bold, eye catching wolf that draws my attention to the middle of the poster. I think if the font was a bit different the main information would stand out better!

  • Elizabeth Shannon 04/17/2022 on 7:59 PM

    Hello Kylee. I very much agree with the observations you have made about this poster. The solid shapes to create a background for the writing is helpful to the reader, as to not confuse them with the linework of the background. I also agree with the fact that the wolf does not look quite right. I definitely think he would have benefited from some feature highlighting or just a different perspective of the wolf, but I understand the necessary inclusion of the wolf, being the Wolfpack. Your mention of the eye-catching colors makes me think. Were those specific colors chosen to align with a retro Disco theme of muted colors, or did they choose them to grab your attention… or both?

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