Wild Design – April

I found this game day poster on Twitter the other day and was fascinated by the designer’s workflow. In the tweet, she posted a GIF going through all her layers. Quite unconventional is the coffee cup in space combined with the bridge and mountains.

Recently, I bought a 5” external monitor for my mirrorless camera which has a false-color feature to see what parts of the image are over or under exposure. False-color is utilized in this design, obviously, in the cup of swirling galaxy coffee.

It seems as if she is using illustrator to create her own assets as the 9:00 PM compass rose. Or maybe she just did a selection from a piece of paper she drew on.

I quite like this workflow of trying things that usually don’t work together; if it doesn’t work, cut it, but if it does, great! Everything is trial and error.

Link to Tweet


Screen Shot 2022-04-14 at 8.09.33 PM

Discussion — 3 Responses

  • Nanny Ogilvie 04/15/2022 on 11:42 PM

    I agree that this design is very unconventional, but that might be the very reason it caught your eye! I think color choice is important here — having the dark, black background made the coffee cup pop. I often think with graphic design, mostly referring to posters and stuff, that white background is the norm and is very typical, so using black can make your post/advertisement/graphic stand out more than the rest. I also noticed the image is pretty spatially proportional, with each corner containing either a few words, a graphic, or a logo. One design choice I don’t necessarily understand is the font. It is a bit difficult to read, however, I can see that being a somewhat good thing, in the sense that you have to stop and focus on it for a second, thus stare at the image longer. Personally, however, I don’t find the font very aesthetically pleasing or reader-friendly so I might’ve skipped over the tweet just based on that. I don’t doubt the design appealed to others though; it is very unique and eye-catching!

  • Robbie Matesevac 04/17/2022 on 8:39 PM

    Hi Tolar, I also really like the presentation of this poster. It is very unconventional, like you said, and I think that is what catches my eye. The false-color in the coffee cup is attractive but not necessarily distracting, as a centerpiece. It reminds me a bit of the low-res photos that were the first taken of Earth from space. Personally, I would have centered the text on the coffee cup to draw more of the central attention, but I appreciate the sort of “helter-skelter” vibe the artist is going for. I also really like the inclusion of the likely hand drawn elements as I think they draw in viewers interest and add to the sense of surrealism. Very unique post!

  • Niyana Haney 04/19/2022 on 7:20 PM

    Hi Tolar, I think the mountain range is more unconventional than the cup. The mountain range doesn’t seem to serve a purpose in this piece other than to fill the negative space at the bottom right corner of the design. I personally think that the cup is serving the purpose of capturing the liquid Earth/matter being poured into the cup. Maybe if the color composition of the mug were changed it would better suit the piece.

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