Hard Werken: One For All

Hard Werken was initially a Rotterdam based design company specializing in design publications. The original group of designers consisted of Rick Vermeulen, Willem Kars, Gerard Hadders, Henk Elenga and Ton van der Haspel in 1979. Their first official publication was called One For All in which they took an approach towards the pressures and opportunities of the studio’s position, both historically and geographically. Many others consider this initial design to be “feisty” and “uncompromising” because it examines the company’s unique practices and their significance. It uses a combination of fine art and graphic art languages and demonstrates how well these elements work together. And most of all it holds relevance to where the company first emerged; Rotterdam and it’s culture heavy community. Hard Werken is known for “breaking every rule in the design handbook” but in return their designs come out amazing. I personally like the geometric shape style on the left. I think the color scheme of black, white and brown works very well together and allows for the pink and blue to really pop against the warm tone background. However, on the right side, I don’t think the colors work that well together, maybe if the fuchsia color was different.


Todd, Alex J. Hardworking Hooligans. Eye Magazine. 2019