IDEO: IKEA Future Kitchen

IKEA is a company known for home living products. they wanted to create a prototype kitchen for the future. IDEO’s mission is to take the general human-centered experience and incorporate it into their designs to solve a problem. In this case, they were working for a person in 2025, and the relationship between food and people in this future. This is all a prediction of human behavior with food wastage. Environmental problems are considered in this design as a problem humans have. For instance, the sink has a built-in compost system and a segregated garbage disposal system. The trashcan is also color-coded for an easier way to dispose of goods. This is a way for humans to participate in helping eliminate more food waste. Some more innovations they have created include a table with a camera over it so the users can receive first-hand help with completing recipes via projection. Another food dynamic this kitchen changes is the general food storage system. The kitchen has clear cooled shelving, to refrigerate food on open shelves. Instead of squirreling away leftovers to the back of a fridge, users can clearly see what they have with the clear storage. Overall, this exploration of what a kitchen could be in the future brings forth more innovative designs for the kitchen the world has never seen.