AES Transformation & Re-branding by Wolff Olins Design Agency

Wolff Olins collaborated with AES, a fortune 500 global energy company, on their company transformation. AES has been transforming the energy sector with innovation and by investing in local communities. However, the transformation AES has been undergoing over the years was not properly reflected in their current branding and did not convey who they are to stakeholders and outsiders.

To start the project off, they began with a brand assessment. Wolff Olins visited all of AES markets to see the brand in place and to interview internal and external stakeholders. The assessment revealed an opportunity for a closer collaboration between AES and its customers in order to build new types of energy solutions.

Wolff Olins ultimately helped build AES brand strategy, develop expression and migration, and enable a true transformation to take place. Wolff Olins contributed more than a logo change. They helped transform the messaging around the company. They also helped create a visual identity for AES, including things like logo, typography treatment, iconography, and a photography approach. All of these elements can be used in AES communications, whether that be on a file handed to someone in the office, on a hard hat in the field, or used on their website.

If you take a look at the logo, the connected letterforms and gradient helps to create a forward motion representing that AES is accelerating its future. The lowercase letterforms show a “human way” of writing and personalizes it. The colors of the new logo are also more vibrant and brighter which represents energy, the sector that AES is a part of.

Discussion — One Response

  • Lauren Sneed 04/15/2022 on 5:40 PM

    I enjoy the simplicity in this logo. They clearly wanted the emphasis to be on the colors here. Compared to the old logo, this version is so much more lively. I would say it is a big improvement! I believe the colors choice is nearly perfect. The bright cool tones and the flowing lettering all contributes to pushing their company’s message. There is even a touch of softness in the gradient where the purple meets the blue. I think this grounds the logo and keep it from appearing too chaotic. It feels controlled and smooth. Energetic yet controlled. With all this in mind, we can go back and remember this all communicated from three letters and a splash of color! It’s amazing to think about how much information we can communicate with so little.

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