lourdes Lorezzi

This image is represents an important day which is the international day of dance. Lourdes represents this by the cup having one with girl shoe and the other with none. Meaning or giving off a meaning that the dances can be elegant or romantic or just normal or more classic. With the art she directs the art and the viewer eye to the cup with the two feet. As well has a window in the background with the black wall to give the image in front a bold appearance. Also the artwork is not precise like her other artworks. As you look closer at the lines in the images they are a little wonky and not straight. The feet in the cups can also represent different genders as well. She also puts the word on the table as well in Spanish, and she adds a depth in the image as well as it looks like it goes deeper in the back. She creates a depth in her image and uses bold colors in the artwork. And she uses minimalistic detail, and also shows some little detail by adding the clouds in the window. And the sky adds a real life.







Discussion — One Response

  • Lauren Sneed 04/15/2022 on 9:26 PM

    As you mentioned, the lines (particularly in the cup) are not very precise. I suspect that this was an intentional decision since you discussed how her other pieces do not share this quality. I think she may have been trying to juxtapose the fluidity of cup and its contents with the rigidity of the window and table. I personally like this decision for the feet/shoes. I am not as certain about the cup. On one hand, I like how it being off kilter adds this unbalanced feeling that goes well with the disorienting subject matter. On the other, I feel that some refinement at least to the lines at the bottom right of the cup would make the art feel cleaner and more intentional. In either case, this is a design that succeeded in engaging me. One glance at this art is all it takes for me to want to know more about it.

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