Klavika Typeface- Gage Minor

Klavika is a typeface designed by Eric Olson, cofounder of the Process Type Foundry. This font style is quite famous, being offered on most writing platforms, such as Google Docs, Microsoft Word, and more. The Klavika typeface was officially released by the process Process Type Foundry in 2004, and the typeface proved to be quite successful, as the font rapidly gained popularity among brands who sought different, unique, and simple fonts. This success was astronomical for Olson and his business, as it made his name in the typeface community, and brought his family business into the spotlight.(Identifont – Klavika)

Klavika type design by Eric Olson.

As can be seen in the image, Klavika is a very simple font, using as many straight lines as possible and achieving even spacing between each character. In describing his design process for the Klavika font, Olson explained, “I was trying to combine an open left to right motion with something geometric in rhythm but not construction. The two ideas came together to make Klavika.”(Palmieri Facetime 1: Type designer Eric Olson on Klavika) Here, Olson is explaining how he achieved such a versatile, and simple font. He did not limit his characters to certain rules but instead designed each letter to fit in with one another, using as many straight lines as possible, and similar angles for every similar shape such as the circular figures within the C, G, O, P, and ext. By Using these techniques, Olson successfully created a simple, yet versatile font.


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