Who’s Who: Bobby C. Martin Jr. – Part 3

Martin’s Champions Design was brought on for the 1619 Project, a reorganization of American History to include the Black American experience in society presented in book form. Created by Nikole Hannah-Jones, Martin’s team worked to organize the book’s layout and imagery to best portray the message of the overarching themes. Incorporating poetry at the beginnings and endings of chapters, Martin’s crew also added clear chapter headings alongside an image picked out to best coincide with the following topic. The book spans from race, fear, and capitalism to name a few of its chapters. With a beautiful, blue-toned cover, the book’s inner images remain black and white, with fully black pages behind each of the photographs on the left side and the chapter title on the right in large lettering helps emphasize the topic of the new chapter and forces the reader’s attention to the images on such dark pages. The blue-toned cover was artistically chosen due to the book’s themes of water. The cover depicts a 2018 seascape created by Lorna Simpson, a Black American artist. This imagery was selected to bring reminders of the Middle Passage where slaves were transported to America. This new edition of the story incorporated more contributions and expands upon some of the information presented in the original publication.