Lourdes Zolezzi

This art is made by the artists above and delivers as message about world hunger. The main thing about this art is that it’s minimalistic. As it includes that 40,000 children die of hunger every day. A very direct quote that is included but very direct and important. The images used is almost like its been copied and pasted. Making this art seem so easy to make but an art that can get a person to truly get the message quickly as well. The skeleton is not drawn sharp and with precision. It instead has a detail that it’s almost draw by a child. This influences the child hunger again. As well with the skeleton it represent death and being drawn like it’s been drawn by a child it gives that message of death comes with child hunger. With this art that lourdes gave, she gives the bold yellow background as well. This gives the image more of a boost to be seen clearly by the viewer. Also with lourdes she likes to direct her art to reperesnt real world problems and this happen to be an important one in the 2000’s, spoke to people about while just looking at it.

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  • Xiaoyu Zhou 04/12/2022 on 10:10 PM

    I agree with you in that this poster is very clear in its message and minimial. Part of this has to do with the one sentence statement along with the usage of imagery and its bright background. The text seems like a factual statement. I think by making the skull rounded and not being realistic looking plays with the fact that this is towards child hunger so it is drawn with not a lot of detail to get the main point across. The skull and the utensils have different qualities to it though. The skull is drawn in a simple way while the utensils are shown realistically. This poster reminds me of the Chaz Maviyane-Davies exhibition at NCCU Art Museum in Durham. Alot of posters shown at the exhibition displayed tropes and I remember one poster of his that was also about child hunger. It displayed a child where forks were used as ribs and spoons were used as a stomach. Similar to this poster, its purpose was to educate the audience about child hunger. But this used color while his was shown in black and white.

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