Branding Oxford Ionics: Hudson-Powell

This project was a rebranding, or rather a literal change of image, for Oxford Ionics a quantum computing company. This project was taken on after Oxford Ionics approached Pentagram, and Hudson-Powell, to develop an identity for the company. This project was completed around October 2021. The prompt was to define the core values of the rapidly growing brand. Those core values are ‘Flawless technology’ and ‘Limitless possibility. The way that Hudson-Powell decided to pursue this was by representing the company using ‘the building blocks of life’ they combined the look of atoms and molecules with the 0’s and 1’s of binary to assemble the new logo. Some cool techniques used are Dot Matrix Two and simplistic designs which radiate with binary itself as a system. The complex ideas of quantum computing are juxta-positioned with simple designs. I do not think this was a particularly big project for Hudson-Powell as they have done many logo redesigns in the past. However, reading through some articles both brothers seemed really excited about the whole project. I think that this project does embody a lot of the ideals of Hudson-Powell, it does a good job of combining old and new elements of graphic design. Overall, I think the new design is very cohesive and pleasing to look at.

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