The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago Identity (2014)

Mevis and van Deursen were hired to create a new identity system for the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago in 2014. The identity system was created with the architecture of the building in mind as in their initial inquiries, they found the public connected the MCA to the structure itself. When examining the building closer, a repeating element found is the use of squares, thus a square became the basis for the MCA’s branding. Expanding beyond the idea of the square, the development of the typeface continues an exploration of building blocks in typographic form in a way that maintains interest while still remaining legible. The color scheme chosen for the identity is a predominately black and white treatment with blue and yellow accents.

© MCA Chicago

Where this identity really shines is in its various careful expressions across multiple mediums. I really enjoyed the simple square logo with an emphasis on “hi” and “go” with yellow which serves to welcome visitors to the museum. This design work is excellent in its execution and a great example of branding and identity design as it carries distinctive stylistic nods to the museum itself, while still serving as a platform for the art installations and pieces it houses. This is one of the many brand identities Linda van Deursen has worked on along with Armand Mevis.

© MCA Chicago

© MCA Chicago



“MCA Chicago Identity.” MCA Stories, 2017,

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  • Eryn Szwarckop 04/15/2022 on 10:09 PM

    Hi Yesenia! I enjoyed reading your post about the MCA Chicago Identity. I too like how in one piece there is “Hi” and “Go” that stands out. From my perspective, it is meant to draw the audience in – the audience being the residents in Chicago – and to say “Hi” while also encouraging them to “go” to the Museum of Contemporary Art in their city. I have flown into Chicago many times for my layovers to New Mexico, but I have never actually left the airport. Similar to New York, I have heard great things about the art scene and art museums throughout the city of Chicago. Maybe next time I fly into the airport, I will actually get the chance to visit the city!

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