BLOODS project: Hudson-Powell

So, the project here is the title sequence for the show BLOODS, on Sky TV (a British network). This project was started by Hudson-Powell along with their other creators at Pentagram in early 2021. The nature of this project was to use brand identity, motion graphics other cool design details in order to make a memorable opening to the show that coincided with the identity of the studio. I would say this was a rather big project for Hudson-Powell, as far as I can tell this is the first time, they have fully done a moving sequence of this length and published it. Honestly, I believe it turned out really nicely. I think this project uses a lot of blocks and two tones in each instance. The main difficulty of the project was to make the title sequence appear natural, especially for a comedy-focused program. The way they circumvented this was to create a sophisticated visual language that was bold and echoed the subject matter. The team used chevron patterns, numerals, colors, and various Swiss typefaces that exemplified emergency vehicles [ the show is about paramedics]. In fact, the project went so well that the same elements are used throughout the show for transitions and expositions which establishes a connection to the audience.

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  • Liza Wingfield 04/14/2022 on 11:37 AM

    Hi Carson. Good job on this post! I really liked reading how you interpreted and dissected your experience with analyzing the motion graphics in the TV show ‘Bloods.’ You included really descriptive details that helped me be able to picture and create my own understanding of the overall theme this show is developing.

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