Medusa Mondadori

The book Medusa Mondadori was designed by Giovanni Mardersteig, the client was Arnoldo Mondadori Editore and was designed in the year of 1933. The book is green and is filled with simple yet elegant sans serif fonts and illustration on the cover. This series of books marked just like the designer Mardersteig, the advancement of modern publishing and print making in the world. The Medusa book design has been compared and some might even say heavily inspired by Penguin publishing, due to its similar composition and design. This book shows Mardersteig’s ability to create a very clean and refined piece of art through his publishing company, Officina Bodoni. It is also worth mentioning that being an Italian publishing agency, the mastery of composition and design in this book shows how advanced Italian publishing agencies were during this time, not only in general graphic design. Mardersteig’s style is shown here with all of his publishing, simple and perfectionism. This series was very important as well because it melded the French literature with the Italian design, melding the two worlds of art. This project also shows the publishing company’s style of modernity and how it translated into the 1930s world of design. Many of Mardersteig’s other works look similar to this one as well.

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