Who’s Who: Hudson-Powell

The interesting thing that I have found is that although there are two individuals that are a part of Hudson-Powell finding information about them before 2005 seems to be impossible. The only early life information that I found about either of them was that Jody was born in 1979 somewhere in Britain. The next available Information was that Luke, the other brother, graduated from Central Saint Martins University with honors in 1996, earning a degree in graphic design. Jody completed his master’s in virtual environments at the Bartlett. The next big thing, in terms of notoriety, is the founding of Hudson-Powell in 2005. The brother’s work was spread amongst brand identities, interactive design, motion graphics, creative technology, and immersive art. Now several cool things happened that established Hudson-Powell as great designers. Some acolytes include working with clientele like Nickelodeon, the British Broadcast Channel, Coca-Cola, Google, and even the 2012 London Olympics. Following all those projects, Hudson-Powell signed a partnership with Pentagram in October 2015. After joining together in this partnership Hudson-Powell really came into its own raising its influence several times. Paraphrased from their own words, Hudson-Powell is about modernizing graphic design by bringing traditional and future mediums together. The brothers have gone about this by creating systems and infrastructure for brands, exhibitions, websites, etc. The intention is to investigate how crucial aspects of the traditional design can be enhanced using ‘the tech of tomorrow’. The effect that Hudson-Powell wants to have on the graphic design world is a hunger for learning in the community. An interview on Hudson-Powell was done by Offset, where the brothers finally dive a bit deeper into what in their lives molded them into artists. For Luke, becoming an artist was due to his hobbies in sci-fi, skateboarding, and music. All three of those things together taught him several things that appear as characteristics of his career. Sci-fi: spurring interest in the future and technology. Skateboarding: teaching him resilience and confidence to try new things. Music: Album cover art specifically directly influenced his typography. A lot of those hobbies and interests are reflected in Jody, particularly hacking hardware and creating computer games. Another shared thread between the two of them was their mother. Luke and Jody’s mother was a painter, they learned passively by being around so many art books and works, she also talked extensively in favor of creativity. I would say that the largest impact that these two have had on the art world is being able to influence so many different facets of graphic design, pushing things like brand identity, motion graphics, interactive design, creative technology, and immersive experiences into a more technological place prepping them for the explosive future that awaits the field of graphic design. In my searching I was not able to identify a work that Hudson-Powell is best known for, they just seem to have a hand in everything at the moment. Personally, I would describe them as extremely talented forward thinkers who aren’t afraid to take chances, and despite all this they are humble, going as far as to say that sometimes anonymity is required to give something its proper depth.

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