Who’s Who In Graphic Design – Part 3 – Kode Abdo, ‘Bosslogic’

Kode Abdo, also known as Bosslogic, has come far from his MySpace beginnings in graphic design. Since his work has made it so far in the realm of social media, he’s found opportunities to cross the threshold between fan-art and true commercial work for companies. One key example of this work would be his cover art for the Triple-A game, Assassin’s Creed – Valhalla.

The cover was revealed alongside other media to promote the game’s reveal, and the whole design process was livestreamed online. Fans got a peek into him and his team’s design process, straight from scratch. The piece ties in the game’s time period and viking theme into one clear piece that illustrates the game’s focus. 

The piece wasn’t just a piece of discarded marketing collateral, but an experience for fans to enjoy as the game came to light. Seeing a fan like them grow to such a huge scale, and create a work of art to celebrate a new game with his own fans in virtually-streamed tow. 

Designs and experiences like this are what separate Bosslogic from the increasingly corporate landscape that these media companies can reside in – Kode shows how a fan like him can still impact the greater landscape of gaming.


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  • Niyana Haney 04/19/2022 on 7:26 PM

    Hi Ian, I found your post to be very interesting and informative! As someone who’s pursuing a career in video game animation/design I personally resonated with this. I play Assassins Creed all the time and find the color, light and the use of 2d and 3d imagery very fascinating! Especially since they are using 3D rendering of the characters with the game and collaging them with 2d vectors, which is something similar to a specialty of mine!

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