Who’s Who In Graphic Design – Part 1 – Kode Abdo, ‘Bosslogic’

Kode Abdo has been a powerful force in the social media side of comics & general nerd stuff for a few years now, representing just how much power fans can have in an industry. A dedicated geek through and through, he rose from humble pen-and-paper beginnings to a champion of his field, designing official work for both Marvel, DC, and other huge media companies.

Bosslogic’s love for art started at a young age, with the aforementioned pen and paper, before he was introduced to Photoshop in 2009. His skills transformed from rough drawings to polished digital creations, finding his first footings in commissioned MySpace profile photos. Around 2015, he came to create fanart – with the rise of superhero television as a genre motivating some of his art. He creates his art through a method called photobashing – combining various assets to create a unique whole, and building a composition around it, typically aiming for a dreamy, dynamically-lit superreal style.

Kode found inspiration in artists Mike Orduña, known as Fatoe, and Peter Jaworowski, known as Hejz. Both of them explore bright, surreal and colorful art pretty heavily based on photo manipulation. It’s easy to see their influence in Kode’s plethora of works.

One of his largest appeals to fans is the quality of his work and the speed with which it arrives. These huge media corporations usually like to keep their secrets and surprises regarding their projects – but Bosslogic takes the opportunity to turn speculation and fan-theories into reality through his design skills. From taking a rumored casting for a new hero and making it into a full-blown concept of them in the suit to creating compositions of epic battles and scenes.

After over half a decade of creating this incredible art, companies began to take notice. With a humble 2.3 million followers, and posts with hundreds of thousands of likes, he’s certainly no underdog in the field. Marvel first reached out to him through the directors of the second best-selling movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame. The directors, The Russo Brothers, saw his work and commissioned him to create a poster and some other collateral to go alongside Marvel’s own official work. Other companies took notice, such as DC, commissioning him to do work for Black Adam, (some of the film’s first official media whatsoever!), and even other Disney and Netflix projects! It’s not just complementary fan work, either – Kode made the primary poster for Jupiter’s Legacy on Netflix, and the Blu-Ray box art for the hit movie Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Bosslogic serves as an incredible example of how far a fan’s love can go. These companies are untouchable titans to most – the pleas of many are simply unheard. But for someone to come from so little and grow to work with these giants is an inspiration to many. Kode’s a man who just loves what he makes, and by making good work – he hit it big. The “Bosslogic” brand has expanded from Kode in his own bedroom – to a proper team and studio working alongside him, all thanks to his talent and drive.


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