Project 2: Deutsche Bank Logo by Anton Stankowski

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Stankowski designed the Deutsche Bank Logo along with Karl Duschek in 1972, officially published in 1974. According to the Stankowski Foundation, when Stankowski met with Karl Duschek who was a new staff member, he found Duschek to be an ideal partner for this huge task. This logo was part of Stankowski’s method of producing a constructive arrangement for the purpose of public advertisement. The major company decided it needed to rebrand itself and it invited eight renowned designers to submit ideas for it. What Stankowksi and Duschek submitted, which is still used as the logo today, is considered the epitome of modernist rationalism. According to Creative Review, “the emphasis was to be on a clear, functional approach with Constructivist-style photomontage and oblique angles to the fore.” The line within the logo was a product and recurring theme of Stankowski’s work up until his death. The heads of the decision decided that Stankowki’s logo was aesthetically perfect and legible. They also said that the new sign was both extremely eyecatching and easy to remember. Stankowski used the square shape to have the representation of security and the upward stroke representative development. In this logo, there is a recognizable influence of the construction-concrete style as well geometrical abstraction.