Project 1: The Berlin Layout by Anton Stankowski

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The “Berlin Layout” was a poster Stankowski presented in 1968 for the said city in Germany. This piece was made to emphasize the unique visual identity of Berlin and is considered one of his legendary pieces. The styles that are emphasized in this piece include the international typography style, and some of the biggest influences, constructive graphic art, and the constructive-concrete style. Stankowski experimented with this style during his career which emphasized the art of geometrical abstraction. This was also the result of his experimentation with his use of fractal-like structures in graphic art. This piece is one of the famous reflections of such. This piece experiments with the effect of color and is also under the category of his functional graphic design work. This piece, like many of his other works, displays what is considered a masterful use of color and sophisticated technique. This work is incredibly subtle but in spite of that, it is both profound and expressive. This piece along with the ones before this specific piece aid in his title of being one of the pioneers of “new seeing”. With Stankowski’s influence on worldwide graphic communication, he designed the “Berlin Layout” as a representation of a complex system featured in public graphic design.