Frommes Kalender [Fromme’s Calendar]

This portrait of a mysterious lady starring at an hourglass was designed by Koloman Moser in 1899.

The lady holds the hourglass, her cold eyes focused on the front, and seems to be dealing with some serious situation–the new era is full of uncertainties. The visitors who view this design will feel anxious and uneasy about the sand passing in the hourglass. Koloman Moser uses the hourglass to reflect the world around him. He still used clear lines and color to express his particular, special artistic style. If we focus on the hourglass again, we can see the hourglass is surrounded by an ouroboros, which is devouring its tail. The ouroboros is an ancients symbol, it roughly depicts a snake eating its tail to create a circle. In ancient, it has a profound and deeper meaning, and also represents a kind of fable, one of the most accepted meanings is: infinite, cycle, balance, etc.

In Koloman Moser’s artwork, he borrows the image of the ouroboros to convey what is his eternal symbol in his world. It’s also a way of saying to the world that they will remain steadfast in their goals and achieve their dreams even though it is turbulent times.