Rand by Optimo Type Foundry

Rand is a typeface belonging to a trio of fonts, with the other two being Plain (2014) and Apax(2016). Created by type designer Francois Rappo, this trio of fonts was devoted to his work in the grotesque genre, as he continued to research the minimalism of modernism through Plain and the visual language of constructivism through Apax. With Rand, tribute to legendary designer Paul Rand, Rappo pays tribute to the character and warmth behind the clean and sleek characters of the Swiss International style. Within Rand, some letterforms use the clear minimalism of Swiss Rationalism, for example, the letter a. Yet other letters draw inspiration from the namesake of the typeface, Paul Rand. The letter “t” inherits its form from the Westinghouse logo created by Rand, as Rappo continues to use the design principal of Optimo, timeless modernism. By reworking old letterforms using modern guidelines and methods, the type designer can bring about a new classic sense to older typefaces. Through constant innovation and evolution instead of staying wedded to an initial idea, Rand utilized iteration in its creation to bring a new rhythm to the typeface. For the user, Rand is a versatile font, as it offers a monospace option as well as shortened capitals, so its possibilities are well extended.

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