The Imprint

Edward Johnston published a journal in 1913. He did not work on this journal alone. He made and published the journal with three other typographic designers that went by the names F. Ernest Jackson, J. H. Mason, and Gerard Meynell. The title of the journal they made together is The Imprint (printing trade periodical). It was an aim at the printing trade. It was published from January to November in 1913 once a month around the same day each month. It was published in 9 separate issues. It was all about the arts of printing, typography, illustration and lettering. It includes articles on subjects like Poster Advertising, Children’s Book Illustrations, Wood Engravings, Liturgical Books, Post-Impressionism. The look of the journal issues is very old and type focused with little pictures. In the text it refers to the alphabet a lot and has the alphabet written out multiple times in different typefaces. There is not much color used throughout it except for black and the occasional red. It has an interesting layout and is not sticking to the classic left to right than down big blocky text boxes. Edward Johnston did a lot in his career and this is just one of the things that he collaborated on with a few other designers.


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