Sagi Haviv Work: NBC Logo

Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv helped in the rebranding of the NBC logo. The broadcasting  company began in 1926 with its logo, lighting bolts surrounding a microphone in a map of the U.S. Over the last century, it has evolved from focusing more on the acronym, NBC, to a more pictorial representation of the company. Designer John J. Graham introduced the colorful peacock symbol in 1956 to emphasize the introduction of color television, compared to a lot of other programs that still used black and white. What is special about the NBC logo is that it is not apparent at first glance that it is a peacock. In earlier versions, it was much more obvious to recognize it, but now it is more subtle. To make the logo more recognizable and iconic, in the latest iteration, Haviv and his partners reevaluated the peacock’s form, creating a new body with the negative space formed by the feathers and altering the peacock’s head so that it is turned to the right rather than the left, better for a reader’s eye and also promoting NBC’s dedication to looking forward to the future. The logo has stayed the same for such a long time to commemorate the proud company’s past.


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