Who’s Who in Graphic Design: Joseph Kaspar Sattler Part 2- Photo#2

Joseph Kaspar Sattler created the typeface Nibelunge-schrift in 1897 for the  Reichsdruckerei Berlin. This typeface was created for the 1900 book project Die Nibelungen. The Nibelungen-Schrift typeface is considered a type of Art Nouveau script typeface. The creation of this typeface was a big milestone in Joseph Sattler’s design career. The typeface is a very decorative type font that includes a lot of flowing, curving, and curling lines around the letters. This is a typeface that only includes capital letters. Each letter is enclosed within a square. The typeface is a Serif-type font.

This typeface would typically be used for the first letter to start off a chapter. In the books, the typeface would have a little bit of color added to the inside of the letter and on the curved lines that surround the letters. What is interesting about this Die Nibelungen book project is that back in July of  2009 the UNESCO World Document Heritage discovered three of the complete Manuscrits which are currently housed in the Abbey Library of St. Gallen, the Bavarian State Library, and in the Baden State Library. These books are now under the cultural heritage protection of UNESCO. This book is considered to be a German “national epic.”