Who’s Who in Graphic Design: Joseph Kaspar Sattler Part 2- Photo#1

Pan was a magazine that was devoted to literature, art, and politics and commented on social issues. This magazine cover illustration which was designed by Joseph Kaspar Sattler was printed and published in 1895. This is illustration is one of the big highlights of Joseph Sattler’s career-making him famous in the Art Nouveau design world. This illustration is very interesting due to its striking color design. I like how there are only three main colors teal, orange, and white, and also used the color of the paper to highlight some of the shapes. This magazine as well as this cover illustration promoted the Art Nouveau style which was very fashionable and new at the time. The illustration incorporates an iris flower in the center foreground which has what looks to be made up of rolled-up parchment paper. I really like how the three middle parts that raise out of the flower each are shaped to spell out Pan which is the name of the newspaper. I also noticed that at the very top of the illustration the name PAN is written again along with 1895-96. 1895-95 was when the illustration was published. The gardening tools of the rake, spade, scythe, and in the background. The gardening tools have symbolism that was associated with making a statement regarding political and social issues that might have been going on at the time the illustration was created.