The Scottish Music Review

This was a poster by Charles Rennie Mackintosh designed for The Scottish Musical Review. It is uncertain who exactly commissioned this poster but Mackintosh had done a couple different posters for the Musical Review. It is difficult to explain the exact reason for the poster but it was created for a magazine and for advertising purposes. The poster contains two birds and line work that create a woman. It almost appears that the woman is in a sprouting plant or hugging the birds. There is greenery around and very organic shapes are included. There is a very distinguished font used with line work and extra details in some of the letters. There are two orange circles that house the birds and add more color to the design. This design was produced during the Art Nouveau movement. It is a great example of the movement because of its delicate line work and the feminie figure representing the piece. It is also nature based which was a huge theme during Art Nouveau. This was also during Mackintosh’s famed movement of Glasgow, which was also naturally based. This is a famous piece of Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s. It is very prevalent and it appears in many exhibits. It is a very good example of his style and art similar to this which appears in a lot of his other works.

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