Who’s Who in Graphic Design – Part 2 (Post 1)

Off The Grid – Sara De Bondt


This project is Sara De Bondt’s latest work. Off the Grid is a contemporary piece that has the goal of educating others about the history of the graphic design scene in Belgium and origins of typography. De Bondt not only designed the cover but also scoured for other artists in the Belgian graphic design scene to interview for the text. This work of her’s follows her typical style with bold colors and unique typography. One thing that is different about this specific version of her book cover is the imagery used (i.e. the stacked men in catsuits). De Bondt typically goes for a simple style with her bright colors and patterns but avoids imagery so it doesn’t distract from the text. Even in these pieces she uses pretty simple imagery that doesn’t take away from the art but simply compliments the typography. It also adds visual interest with the layering of the text and the image used. This piece also represents one of her main interests which was typography. As mentioned in her biography, typography wasn’t really taught in her education so she sought it out herself and uses them as the building blocks of her art and evidently the center of attention.


Picture credit: https://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/sara-de-bondt-off-the-grid-graphic-design-050422

Discussion — One Response

  • Yesenia Solis 04/15/2022 on 1:51 PM

    I think it’s so interesting that despite not having formal education in typography she actively chose to have a focus in it. I think it’s extremely commendable and you can see those efforts in her work. The choice to have type be the main focus in these two examples allows them to take center-stage to grab the readers attention. In particular I love the play with the fragmentation of letter which really draws the eye throughout the page in the first example. Another point is the breaking of the title in the cover which illustrates the theme of “off the grid” and pairing that with the catsuit men showing a playful quality.

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