Tehran Monoxide Project – Homa Delvaray

*Images found on – https://www.behance.net/gallery/14756033/Tehran-Monoxide-Project

In 2014, Homa Delvaray created a project titled the “Tehran Monoxide Project.” It is an illustrative poster that carries the goal of spreading awareness of the Tehran air pollution, specifically, the effects it has on children of Tehran. The movement began from The Tehran Monoxide Project group, which is a collaborative artistic project that started in early 2011, that consists of a collection of individual projects from artists and citizens in the city of Tehran. In Homa’s project, she creates an illustrative poster that depicts images of children, ranging from ages 4 to 18, that were taken in the year 2014. Homa Delvaray describes the images on the Behance website: “The photographs were representing the issues of Tehran air pollution. In the center of the poster is the young child, and around the child are “branches” of air pollution.” These branches represent the toxic cycle of air pollution that circles and revolves around the children of Tehran. It is meant to show a dangerous cycle of events that can come from air pollution. This project takes not only an artistic creative, but a sociocultural and environmental creative that is meant to tell a story. The Tehran Monoxide Project is significant to Homa as she attended University in the city of Tehran and spent the early days of her career building her artistic creations within the city. Being a citizen of Tehran, Homa used her artistic abilities and design creatives to spread a message to the world.