Haft Peykar – Homa Delvaray

*Images found from – https://www.behance.net/gallery/75455315/HAFT-PEYKAR-%28SEVEN%29

One of Homa Delvaray’s biggest projects was titled “Haft Peykar.” Haft Peykar was a solo exhibition of Homa Delvaray at Aaran Projects in 2018. The project was originally built and constructed in 2017.The Haft Peykar is designed in seven pieces, each resembling seven Alams, which are flags of spiritual significance for the Shia Muslims. Traditionally, Alams are carried in the processions of Ashura. Each flag is a different story, and each piece of the Haft Peykar show the folklore culture of Iran. The patchwork on each piece carry themes including ideas of traditional beliefs, rituals, myths, religious convictions, commands, etc. The project includes a mixture of materials and techniques, such as, digital printing, embroidery on fabrics, silk screen printing, iron, and wood. This project carries significant importance for not only the Iranian culture, but for Homa’s personal growth and development as well. By her completing this project, it shares the Iranian culture to the world, from a more contemporary style and design. This project gives its audience a deep dive into the Iranian traditions and cultural symbols, as well as tells a story of history using art and design. In an interview in “The Floating Magazine,” Homa described this project to be the most challenging she has completed to date. In fact, she described it as being the turning point of her career. She explained in the interview that she had to face new challenges that she had not previously dealt with, such as using different materials and techniques that were far out of her comfort zone. The Haft Peykar changed her attitude and perspective on her life and career, which will further her art and relationship with her audience and following.


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