Silas Munro : Art 1

Polymode is the website/platform that was created by Silas Munro and Brian Johnson. It is a platform that allows their clients to create websites, advertisments, poetry, books, exhibitions, ect. “Polymode is a studio that leads the edge of comtemporary graphic design through poetic research, learning experiences, and making cool shit for clients in the cultural sphere, innovative businesses, and community-based organizations”. With minority and LGBT+ leadership, this program helps to connect all walks of life to be creative and create. They have offices in Inglewood CA and Raleigh NC, from coast to coast they open the doors to all kinds of clients, and aid them in fulfilling their ideas to bring happiness and new ideas into society. The culmination of creators and their creations help to add light and ideas to impact society, making the world a better place with each publication: books, education, exhibitions, identities, curation, interfaces, publications, visual design, website, workshops and writing. This site acts as a social media, allowing viewers to browse the creations of others; maybe in the hopes of being inspired and connecting to Silas and Brian’s team to put their ideas into works of art.


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  • Liza Wingfield 04/14/2022 on 11:16 AM

    Thanks for your post Elizabeth. I really think this was a great resource to include in our class because there is local access. It is always very important to me to have knowledge of these resources because they are helpful to start up entrepreneurs and artist. I definitely want to take a look at Polymode sometimes. It seems very versatile and as if it could be used for creating and displaying.

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