Zhou Peng Art

For another look at Zhou Peng’s exceptional art, I have chosen the “Negative-Overflowing Desire” piece. This art through the lens of the artist is supposed to represent negativity and jealousy that can collect over time. I think this piece has so much meaning as the bundle of collective negativity blocks the light stream which can be seen as an illusion to life but as the life stream continues even after the circle of chaos and negativity, it seems to show that there is a way through the bad times, even if it seems blocked from every angle. There are even tinier drops throughout the rest of the light stream which seems to symbolize bad moments that can be unavoidable in life as well.  Zhou Peng seems to mostly focus himself on identity design for not just him but humans in general to try to explore the philosophies of life and bring about insights for people as they look at a piece of art. Zhou Peng can capture indescribable emotions of human experience and bring them to life in new and unfamiliar ways which is why he is such an important part of the graphic design community. He brings new perspectives to light to explore philosophies of life that have interested humans for years and gives them a new fresh take in the art he makes.