Zhou Peng’s Art

One of the art pieces I picked out to look at by Zhou Peng is called “Self-Portrait”. It is a mixed media design created by printing out a picture of himself on paper, taking the picture, and burning it in certain places. The portrait is mostly ash but there is still a faintly visible eye in the art. He argues whether the art is still able to be described as a self-portrait since most of his face is now burned, but it seems like such a new look into identity design. I feel as if this piece is important to him since he modelled it after himself, it feels as if this has a deeper connection to him and even alludes to how he goes about his art process, tearing himself up and burning himself to get deep art that speaks to everyone. Since philosophy is a big part of his design process, he seems to be exploring the concept of self in not just a simplistic way but in a way that make people think deeper about their concepts of self and how they present themselves to the world. I do not think this art piece was intended for anyone in particular but at the same time it feels as if it has something to say to everyone.