Lourdes Zolezzi

My designer name is Lourdes Zolezzi. She was born in Mexico, and 1972, and went to college to pursue her career in art and graphic design. She went to a university in the Metropolitan Autonomous, and earned her Graphic Communication Design Degree. She had also earned a masters degree of visual art at San Carlos Academy. She eventually after years has worked with the National Council Of Fine Arts. Worked in different themes like dance, music and theater. In her works of art she has addresses serious matter that happen in our society. Some examples being world hunger, poverty and human rights like women rights. Her work is also not just shown in Mexico but across other Europe countries across the globe. She also has been awarded many awards due to her art in many countries in Europe as well. She is also recognized by being talked about in magazines like “computer arts, OTOT Magazine, Tel-Aviv, Israel and HOW Magazine.” According to the article called Including Latin Designers by Mariella Barrella. In her works she also includes “pictures, illustrations and life like objects” according to the article called “Including Latin America Graphic Design”. She connects with the audience with a more bold kind of graphic design and is very minimalistic in her designs but still delivers a powerful message to the viewer. Lourdes currently works as a free lancer designer, meaning that she just goes and travels and does art on her free time. No schedule needed and enjous her art making at her own pace. Her business also covers the world problems with whats happening in the business realms, cultural and social realm. Truly expressing her opnions through her artwork in a minimalistic way. She is also the director of Zolezzi studio. ” They have awarded her recognitions such as: 3rd place in the XI Edition of the Valle d’Aosta International Film Festival “Stambecco d’Oro” with the theme: “Animals and their environment. Look of the future, look after nature” sponsored by the Natura Project 2nd edition (Aosta-Italy, 1999), the Philippe Apeloig Award (Ningbo-China, 2001), the Quórum Award (Mexico, 2001) in the poster category, as well as the third place in the Biennial of Digital Art (Rzeszow-Poland, 2002), among others.” According to the article called Zolezzi Studio website. She also had her art exhibitions in Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria, France, Korea, Czech Republic. With being an art director she has worked with other art companies, industries and adertising companies like the zolezzi studio. She uses not so much sharp cut shapes but realistic items as well in her art. Not much of her art is tied to her mexican culture but to much bigger issues. Uses al ot of bright, saturated colors in her background of her art to give that obvious look in her art. Not truly known yet but it is a probability that Robert P Zolezzi is married to her. And that they currently live in California, but it is still uncertain if this is truly true. She still incorporated the spanish language in her art as well.






Lourdes Zolezzi