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Sephora Flyer

Sephora Flyer

I came across this flyer after shopping at Sephora recently. They put one flyer in every shopper’s bag upon checkout, advertising the upcoming spring sale. One thing in particular I liked about the design of the flyer is how the color theme matched the company’s signature black-and-white style. I think it looks simple yet elegant. In addition, the pale/pastel colored flowers in the border are very subtle touches that fit perfectly, as the flyer is advertising the “SPRING” sale. I also appreciated how the information was presented very clearly; The font was easy to read and the information was spread out evenly, making the flyer not overwhelming at all like some advertisements tend to be.

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  • Lavance White 04/07/2022 on 6:52 PM

    Sephora is a makeup store that also has skin and haircare products so many of the consumers would be women. This flyer does a good job appealing to their target audience. The pastel colors not only makes sense for the spring theme, but it also elicits a feminine touch. Other than the illustration, the font is feminine because some of the letters and numbers are thin and dainty. I think that this design is “wild” due to the fact that they utilize different fonts. Some sentences use a thin font while others are bolded. The “All Sephora Collection Ends” phrase is in a whole different style from the rest which is an interesting design choice.

  • Eliya Sider 04/14/2022 on 6:12 PM

    Hi Nanny,

    I love Sephora’s designs so I’m glad you decided to analyze their flyer. I agree that it is very elegant and simple which is very on-brand for Sephora. I find it very fitting that a make-up and skincare company has a fresh and clean aesthetic when it comes to its marketing. I feel like this entices the customers to want to go to the store and see more of what they have to offer. I personally believe that a company’s advertising will decide whether I will shop there, if I like their aesthetic I will be motivated to at least just walk into the store. This usually leads to me buying something, so I find their strategies to be succesful.

  • Taylor Hartis 04/19/2022 on 6:53 PM

    As a Sephora “stan”, I love the vibe that Sephora and it’s marketing give off when you are in the store. The coupon you photographed was specifically designed for Spring, but they have released ones tailored to other holidays like Christmas and Halloween before. They do not typically stray from the simple design pictured in this post but change some of the other aesthetic pieces to match the season and sale. Also, Sephora keeps their brand and marketing aligned. Every Sephora store that I have visited use lots of black and white in their makeup displays, makeup booths, etc. Even emails they send out, follow the same trade dress as the picture you included in this post.

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