Wild Designs- March


At Cafe Carolina and Bakery store which is located at 401 Daniels St, Raleigh, NC. There is a beautiful mural painted all the way across the right side of the building.  The mural depicts people conversing with one another while enjoying food and drinks at tables with red umbrellas in what looks like a park. I love all the vivid blue and green highlighted with the red umbrellas. This gives the Cafe a warm and welcoming look to the building, The mural definitely catches your eye when you see it. My only issue with this mural is that half of it is hidden by another building and a parking lot. This, however, is most likely not the Cafe’s fault because it looks as if the cafe was in its location first, and then other builders came along and built beside the cafe resulting in part of the mural being hidden and hard to see from the sidewalk.   


Discussion — One Response

  • Mollie Mitchell 04/11/2022 on 9:49 PM

    Hey Brianna! I really liked this wild design you chose from Cafe Carolina and Bakery. While I’m always over in Cameron Village, I have never noticed this mural. Like you said, it’s mostly hidden by another building and parking lot which makes it less visible. However, that doesn’t take away how pretty it is! In addition, I really like the mural and the color palette used and how the red umbrellas stand out!

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