Wild Design : March

At the Cupcake Shoppe, in downtown Raleigh, there is this mural painted on the visible side of the wall. The mural reads “Stay Sweet, Raleigh” and the painting is an ombre from light pink into orange; the light pink possibly representing the light pink in the logo of the shop. I really love this design because it is bright and fun, it represents the shop and its environment well, as well as catches those walking by and draws them into the shop. It leads me to believe the staff and owners really do want Raleigh to experience the sweetness they have in store, and the message offers a bright reminder to those who don’t indulge.

Discussion — 2 Responses

  • Mollie Mitchell 04/11/2022 on 9:56 PM

    Hey Elizabeth! I have passed this mural many times as I am a regular at the Cupcake Shoppe! I also really like the pink ombre because it not only draws in people walking by, but also because if sweet had a color it would be pink. One thing that I think could be different is to make the writing a bit thicker so it’s easier to read when passing by. Besides that, I really like this mural and think the painters and the Cupcake Shoppe did a great job.

  • Lauren Sneed 04/15/2022 on 9:09 PM

    I have to say the cute mural does make me want to visit this little cupcake shop. I imagine it would catch my eye as well. A sudden pop of pink with fun curly writing is hard not to want to look at! I agree with Mollie – I do think the writing could be difficult to read. Although, maybe this could stir some curiosity in someone from afar. If they cannot read it, perhaps they will want to know what it says and approach? Thicker words may also cause the writing to lose its elegant and whimsical quality. Perhaps some cupcake artwork in a similar style could elevate the mural’s effectiveness? Either way, overall this design was a clever idea and it turned a plain wall into a fun one that captures the viewer’s attention.

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