I saw these signs when I was visiting Saxapahaw with my dad, and I could not get over how cool they were. When I saw the first sun bleached sign in the dirt, the libertarian slogan “don’t tread on me” immediately jumped out at me, which I thought was genius since it was placed in a little garden area with a stone path, but I didn’t connect that the garden hose was a snake until I saw another one of the signs that wasn’t so discolored. I cant explain why, but these little green signs made every graphic design cell in my body scream with joy, the pun, the allusion, the context were all just spot on. My dad is a graphic designer and libertarian, so the signs in the moment were priceless, and I am now a proud landscapetarian!

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  • Nicholas Neikirk 04/06/2022 on 5:21 PM

    Hey Sitka its been a little while, and I agree with your statements. These garden signs are a genius way to spin the slogan and a symbol of the libertarian party. I find these signs to be really funny. No matter who you are I think anyone can find enjoyment walking past your garden. I also agree with your take on graphic design and how it plays a role here. It is projects like these that give me the most joy. Implementing puns and allusion into design is something I try to do as well. The world is much better with laughs and these signs do it well.

  • Angelica Rodriguez 04/11/2022 on 6:28 PM

    Hi, I totally agree with how these signs grabbed your attention. The classic slogan of “Don’t tread on me.” Took me a long time to realize as well that the garden hose was suppose to be a snake as well. It’s really a genius design and a very funny on in my mind. The puns that was given in this graphic design i say had made it more enjoyable to look at even with limited color used to release the important message for the people walking to see. There should be more signs like this in my opinion as it can gravitate more people to actually look and read them .

  • Nanny Ogilvie 04/15/2022 on 11:32 PM

    I love this sign you captured. It’s truly “in the wild” too!! I agree this is pure genius; it gets your attention 10x more than a normal sign would. If I was the one who had to make a sign for that purpose, I would have never thought to be creative/punny about it. That just shows how many opportunities there are to implement more intricate, thoughtful, or intentional design into everyday things. Taking this class and seeing posts like these will hopefully spark a little more creativity in me going forward. I never really thought about the power of being “funny” in graphic design, but it appears to be a very useful element. In this example, the words are far more important than the colors/fonts/graphics used. It definitely worked, but I feel like that is a rare strategy! Thanks for sharing this cool find!

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