Wild Designs in Makeup: Sunny Golden-Pink Blush by Benefit

These photos are of one of my makeup products, Sunny Golden-Pink Blush by Benefit. This is an everyday object that I see continually in my daily life. I think the design is particularly eye catching, visually pleasing, and fitting of the product. The colors are warm and pink, suiting the name of the blush. I especially enjoy how this design wraps around the entire product.

My only criticism is how the emphasis is on the sunglasses, the lips, and the hair. The blush on the cheeks almost seems like an after thought. For a consumer, this may be confusing. I would say that on first glance many would not know what this product is until inspecting the product more closely. Luckily, I think the design itself is eye catching enough for most of these issues to not matter. The design in my case made me want to pick it up and interact with the design. Once someone does this, they’ll be able to put together that this is a blush.

Discussion — One Response

  • Nanny Ogilvie 04/15/2022 on 11:55 PM

    I actually recognized your post as a benefit cosmetic product before even really analyzing it! That is very impressive of benefit cosmetics to have their aesthetic so easily recognizable, especially as each design is so different yet somehow they are all cohesive. I have the benefit tickle highlighter and it has the same type of cartoon-y look and a close up of a girl’s face on the top as well (probably supposed to be the same girl). I do, however, agree with you as far as the product design not being suggestive enough for what the product actually is. For instance, my tickle highlighter actually features a girl with heavy blush on too, so one would definitely think it was another blush shade.

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