Subjectively Poor Choices (Wild Design)

This picture was taken inside the fake Eiffel tower in Las Vegas, Nevada. I took the picture to capture how nice the sky looked, even if it was several colored tiles and therefore fake. Upon closer inspection, the banner/logo of the kiosk was very off-putting. I find it extremely annoying, not only are the colors chosen way too aggressive for the setting but they are not even grouped next to colors that would highlight them. Additionally, I can only assume that whoever made the signage was trying to translate the name of the shop into ice cream in french; glace, the translation is incorrect and I’m not even sure what word they are trying to make with the ambiguous icons used to fill in for undeterminable letters.

Discussion — One Response

  • Eliya Sider 04/14/2022 on 6:06 PM

    Hi Carson,

    I completely agree with your opinion. This sign is very off-putting and annoying. The first thing my attention was drawn to is the angle of the sign. I find it very unnecessary and distracting. A sign is supposed to draw you into the store, not hurt your eyes to look at. The font is also intending to be fun and match the vibes of ice cream but it just isn’t aesthetically pleasing. The one good thing is that at least it does draw some attention, maybe not good attention though.

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