I found this poster in the tunnel that leads you towards Riddick hall. It caught my attention because of the big and bold “FREE SHOW.” Whoever was in charge of creating this small poster knew how to use this font and sizing to their advantage. Everyone loves free things! At the end of the day, if you didn’t like it, at least you didn’t pay for it! I also like that the font color and style was kept simple. This makes it easier to read the rest of the information on the poster. The informal tone of the poster (“Come Laugh! Bring Friends! It’s fun I promise!) sounds encouraging and make the idea of going to this improv show much more attractive.

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  • Nicholas Neikirk 04/06/2022 on 5:56 PM

    As little design thought that probably went into this poster, there is actually a lot to speak on. I actually think this very simple design fits the theme very well. The words “FREE SHOW” immediately draw your attention to the poster because it is in such big lettering. And the poster gives you all the information you need, very clearly. It also adds some light hearted, friendly encouragement to make people feel more at ease when thinking about coming to this event. Everything about this poster screams free event and its design plays well into that fact.

  • Xiaoyu Zhou 04/12/2022 on 11:04 AM

    This is actually a very clear poster, and it is because of its prominent, big fonts and the contrast of black and white that makes people feel the real “free”. FREE and SHOW these two words directly attract people’s attention.

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