Wolf On Wall Street , Money Never Sleeps

As we look into the movie of the Wolf On Wall Street, displayed above shows a conference room. The men being seated in a round sophisticated manner and in dark lighting as well to influence the seriousness of this scene. The hand gestures of the men also signifies the sophisticated personal that endeavor. As well the pictures used against the wall and the old time clock as it embolic’s the theme of the movie as well. The slowness of the camera gliding to each men gave a stoic and wide angle to view how much men there is surrounding that table. As well to show who the leaders were in that discussion.

As we look at the image above, as the actor is moving slowly like in slow motion each step he takes to the window, gave that dramatic feeling at that time of the movie. As he just came out of a harsh meeting he takes a great look into the city as the background noise was talking about the S & P 500 dipping greatly. Again, Adding that dramatic feel to the movie, and making the watcher wonder whats going to happen next. Each step he takes glides closer to the window and as well as explaining the view of the city on Wall Street. The image of the window being slightly angled to make sure to get the full layout of the city.

This is the beginning of the movie and it sets the tone of the rest of the movies. As it opens with the city view and closes with the city view. Zooming closer and closer into the main characters of the movie. Showing how big the city really is. and how many people occupy it. Almost seems like you in point of view and you are gliding through the buildings. The lighting makes it look like its a sunny day and a great day to start at.

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  • Amaya Al-Mussawir 04/13/2022 on 8:21 PM

    Hey Angelica!

    This is such a great movie. In the opening scene around the office table, all the men wearing the same color of suit could be symbolic of a shared status between them. Everything about this movie is so dramatic and over-the-top, and the slow motion scene gives the viewer a little taste of the chaos to come. My favorite part of the opening has to be the wide zoom. It not only shows the technological prowess of the director/cinematographer, but also shows the audience that out of all the people in New York City, you should be watching these characters very closely.


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