Yogi Bear (2010)

For this assignment, I chose to talk about the design elements of the title sequence for the 2010 film ‘Yogi Bear.’ This movie is based on the 1960s cartoon ‘The Yogi Bear Show’ which followed two bears, Yogi Bear and Boo Boo, and a park ranger named Ranger Smith. 


One thing that is seen throughout the entire title sequence is the use of space. A prime example of this can be seen in the type of negative space where all the characters, like the bears and park ranger, appear as black silhouettes while every other aspect of the title sequence appears in detail and color. Since these characters are well known by many, all it takes is a simple silhouette for someone to know who it is which helps people pay attention to other aspects of the environment like the background.

Speaking of the background, two of the main elements that the background seems to focus on is color and size. During the title sequence, there are many instances where there are bright bold colors and others where the foreground and background create a contrast with dark and bright colors which help bring attention to different elements in the scene. Along with the colors, the size of objects stands out in the background. One example of this is where Boo Boo, one of the characters, runs across the screen surrounded by food that is bigger than him. Because the movie is mixed with live-action and 3D animation, there is an emphasis on the food and its exaggerated size which relates to the overall wacky feel of the movie.

Typography also plays a big role in the design of the title sequence. Through the first half of the title sequence, when the text shows up for things like listing the cast and the people who helped with the movie, it shows up in a regular font in different colors which is clear enough for the viewer to see. In the end, the typography is switched when “Yogi Bear” appears in a 3D-looking font with each letter being a different color. The typography helps create a contrast between the importance of the text. While the regular font is used for people involved in the movie, the 3D text at the end creates a playful tone for the movie and helps show the viewer what the movie will be about.