This title sequence has a very old western style with the imagery and the music. The sequence includes many videos/animations that all have the same filtered overlay. The imagery includes realistic depictions of landscapes and ranch animals. The animations move at various speeds and change throughout the opening. There seems to be a constant presence of oil or ink that bleeds/explodes into the animations and interacts with the imagery. It almost “ruins” the imagery and it adds a transition element to the sequence. It also adds an ominous feel to the sequence and to the show itself. It alludes to the problems that may occur and that destruction is looming. The animation is consistent and there is a combination of slow motion graphics as well as time lapses. It adds a contrast that goes along with the contrast of the yellow and black color scheme. The colors are very simple and limited to not distract from the drama of the sequence. This portrays a dark mood and a destructive tone to the show. The typography is all the same size and it fades in and out throughout the film. It is simple and does not create too much commotion. It makes it easy to read while there is a lot of movement in the background. At the very end of the opening title the videos move faster and almost flash by. This adds to an anxious feel and spikes and interest in the continuation of the episode. The images don’t necessarily interact or follow the beat of the music. The sound is very calm and classical. The animations don’t change with a beat but they sometimes move at a slow tempo with the music. Everything moves to a similar timing that creates a unity throughout the scene. The music is emotional and adds to the ominous and dark mood the imagery sets up. I personally love this title sequence. I think it is beautiful and extremely well executed. All the images work together and the color scheme creates a very detailed scene for the show. The washed out yellow/orange and black make the sequence feel like an old western or an old wanted poster. It really sets up for the show Yellowstone and where it takes place.